Are things looking up? — another day at war

Aimee Fenech
3 min readMar 9, 2022


Today I drove 4 hours to Gibraltar, I waved the dogs, the farmer and the workers goodbye in the hopes that when I get back the hot water will be installed… if not totally functional then at least not more than one or two days until Sunday when we have the right to fill the water deposit.

My friend who is on the way from Ukraine through Romania has made it to Italy, they said they hadn’t felt the warmth of the sun since October, then ran laps around the car park because they couldn’t contain their joy. It warmed my heart knowing that my friend had a moment of joy despite the uncertainty and the long journey.

In the meantime a call with the in laws shows my father in law, they have a plumbing emergency which meant no hot water, this is a concern with sub freezing temperatures. They found a plumber but had to go out looking for the missing part to fix it.

My father in law gets his gun ready to go out on the evening patrol while we sit here hundreds of kilometers away making preparations to get married on Friday. At least there is some humor there still. They are still adamant that they’re not leaving, fighting continues to a level that are deeply disturbing including the bombing of a maternity hospital in Mariupol.

I cannot bear looking at more images or news reports but I must not look away. I cannot, not see it.

In the time when I am able to do something I take to the facebook groups where Ukrainian women ask for help and I try to help there both practically and psychologically. One woman from Kiev asks what is it like in Poland will they get help? There are so many requests for help to evacuate elders, sick children… I do not look away. I cannot look away. I must try to do what I can.

My friend in Chernihiv is still posting on social media despite the shelling and being surrounded, they are adamant to stay but really evacuation from that area would not be extremely difficult.

Kyiv is surrounded and taking a pounding while Europe is arguing who should be the one to hand over the promised jet fighters. My in laws just outside the main city are bound to be affected if not tonight then in the next couple of days. I wonder then if they did finally decide to call it quits how difficult it will be to do it, if at all. I keep thinking about Anton’s nephew and niece.

I have been very emotional this evening. Anton went out with a friend giving me some space.

I am tired and it is only 21:00. To answer my own question things are not looking up at all for Ukraine.



Aimee Fenech

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