Bombings in Kyiv — more exhausting days at war

Aimee Fenech
2 min readMar 16, 2022


The in laws can hear bombs around Kyiv. Writing that makes a hollow feeling in the stomach as I hold my breath. For a moment I imagine what my niece and nephew must feel like. Tears hang on the edge, I feel very sad and frustrated and angry and helpless and afraid… a long list of unpleasant terrifying emotions.

My friend in the meantime is settling into life here. We had a couple of days of rough weather with big sand clouds and then muddy sandy rain. Everything looks and feels a mess. An apt comparison with the world, not only right now but in general.

I’ve been limiting my time on social media and the news in an effort to concentrate on the work with some success. All meetings start with a run down of this unfortunate situation.

There’s been this feeling that I’m “wasting” time doing work that isn’t helpful. I could be doing more, more meaningful things, more useful…

I feel conflicted.

In the meantime the three of us here keep coordinating evacuations from Ukraine with mixed results. I have a meeting tomorrow with the local priest who is going to Poland to bring back refugees to the village.

I hope that I can help somehow.

In the meantime the Ukrainians who escaped from Russia are new on our list of people who want to come to Spain.

There’s talk of some steps towards reaching an agreement between Russia and Ukraine after the latter finally decided to make clear they will not be applying to join Nato now.

My friend in Chernihiv keeps posting appeals for medicine and food and kind deeds. I cannot begin to imagine what it’s like to be in their position.

There are so many posts for accomodation and evacuation help on the Facebook groups for Poland that many simply go unanswered it’s clear that the refugee crisis is beyond what the locals can bear.

Contact requests for help keep coming in slowly to my messenger and we do what we can. The intermittent interruptions are spiking my anxiety.

Ever person carries a story of difficulty which is heartbreaking.

I am tired. A sort of tired that cannot be slept off. Tired and sad.



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