Chronicles of war - A short summary of today…

Aimee Fenech
2 min readFeb 24, 2022


I woke up to Anton saying “It has started…” Kiev’s airport had been bombed during the night.

Breakfast was not possible, no appetite as Anton calls his parents in Kiev. There’s still electricity and water, not leaving until those stop functioning.

Drove to town to pick the mail, mouth dry and not knowing what to say when people ask how I am… I am anxious and worried but that’s not what people want to hear.

Reports of armed civilians carjacking people trying to leave. Feeling sick to my stomach.

Shopping for food not really able to concentrate, everything feels stupid, I’m casually shopping while people are terrified of being shelled.

Lunch is a hurried affair. It’s raining but I can’t muster any joy about that either even though we’ve been praying for this for months.

Can’t concentrate on the work but I keep trying. When tears well up in my eyes I go outside. Trying to keep it together. A few times we reassure each other.

The day is a sort of running commentary, videos and pictures start coming in and it looks bad. Russia has taken Chernobyl making all of Europe hostage, if they decide to blow it up we’re all dead.

Europe issues sanctions but they’re not enough. Frustration. Donations to support for ground efforts in Ukraine. No one is sending troops. More frustration knowing that Ukraine will fall without help.

Protests in Russia, 700 arrested for pointing out they do not support this war.

No appetite for dinner.

Dead and injures tallied up. Fear and helplessness.




Aimee Fenech

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