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Dangerous Fake Healers

Aimee Fenech
3 min readMay 28

A young man who had gone missing was found dead in the hills in our local area. It turns out he was at a psychedelic event and thrown out when he began experiencing psychological distress and thus behavioral difficulties.

So disorientated and lost he died alone and left behind a family bereft with worry as so what happened to him for months, until by chance hikers came upon his body. This article is dedicated to that young person and other vulnerable people who are in search of healing, may this article help at least in some small way to keep yourself safe.

The resurgence of interest in psychedelic substances as a tool for healing and personal growth has led to the rise of a new breed of healers who claim to use these substances to help people overcome various mental and emotional challenges. However, there are growing concerns that some of these so-called “healers” are doing more harm than good, and are putting vulnerable individuals at risk of serious harm as was the case with Max.

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“I went to a self-proclaimed shaman who claimed to be an expert in psychedelic therapy, but it turned out he had no medical or psychological training whatsoever. He gave me a high dose of psilocybin without any preparation or aftercare, and I had a terrifying experience that left me traumatized for weeks afterwards.” — Anonymous testimonial shared on Reddit

One of the biggest issues with these phony healers is that they often lack the necessary training and expertise to safely administer psychedelic substances. Many of them are self-taught or have received only informal training from other enthusiasts, and are not equipped to handle the complex psychological and physiological effects of these powerful substances.

This lack of expertise can have serious consequences for those who seek out these healers in search of help. In some cases, individuals have reported experiencing intense psychological distress or even physical harm as a result of taking psychedelics under the guidance of unqualified healers.

“I paid thousands of dollars to a self-proclaimed ‘psychedelic healer’ who promised to cure my depression with…

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