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Raping the planet for profit — how Coca-Cola & Nestle steal water from under our noses

Aimee Fenech
5 min readJan 10, 2023


Water scarcity means there is not enough water to go around. There is a need to reduce demand or increase supply — or someone loses out. Whatever happens, when water scarcity hits, the world cannot stay the same. — Water Scarcity Atlas

Water scarcity is not something we have to worry about in some distant future, it is happening now and has been happening for years already.

Soft drink production uses a lot of water. In dry areas such as Rajashtan, India Coco Cola drills boreholes and pump up water from the aquifers dramatically reducing the aquifers water levels in a way that it cannot be replenished as quickly as it is used. This creates a permanent shortage which leads to desertification and death or cattle stock, wild life and people.

Coca Cola is directly responsible for this man made drought and does very little to ratify or address the issue. It goes a step further and denies responsibility despite the indisputable proof.

In 2017 boycotts in India tried to make a difference…

They aren’t just doing it in India either

The article below claims that:

“In Chiapas, Coca-Cola is positioning itself to take…



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