or maybe it just means they already think you are beautiful without... as a woman who chooses not to wear make up I find that the word flawless face carries with it so much load, what is flawless in this world really? and why should it matter that I have a blemish or a spot on my face? why should I be reduced to the appearance of my face instead of what I had to say or the energy I bring with me in a room?

to want to be art or express artistic tendency is one thing but to bash people who are saying you look beautiful also without is quite sad in the end why should you look for validation in others at all? why not look the way you want and disregard what others have to say about it, take the compliment or leave it

when you date men how do you judge them? on their looks, how they dress, how long they shower for, how well their hair is cut and what brand sunglasses they are wearing? we have been fed objectification based on warped standards of beauty for a long time, perhaps it is time to accept to start taking down some of them and start over starting with the confidence to be who we are as we are and then if make up is what you want go for it, be your own boss and let everyone else keep their opinions to themselves

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Aimee Fenech

Aimee Fenech

#permaculture practitioner, teacher and designer, co-founder of #ecohackerfarm, writer, project manager and activist get in touch mail@aimeefenech.com