Some stranded hope, reflections of the third day of invasion

Aimee Fenech
2 min readFeb 26, 2022


After two days of being in high alert as the in laws first refusing to leave their apartment and then refusing to leave the semi basement right in the center of Kiev with images of tanks coming in from Belarus we finally managed to somehow convince them to make the move out of Kiev south to their daughters house which is not near any military target. Now they have others to be with, a niece and nephew to think about and hug as they think about next steps.

The day went past, my only distraction from the war a trip to town to drop off some art to show at a local exhibition.

In the local forum I made a call to support people directly affected, one person got in touch privately after the post was trolled and I closed the comments.

No breakfast or lunch but after the good news some dinner.

All day I was on the refugees facebook group monitoring news about the border crossings.

The Polish people have been a godsend. Some even drive into Ukraine to pick up people.

People ask for help and help is organised.

People stand at the train stations with food and blankets. Accommodation is organised, pickups, translations, food, clothes.

My mother in law said it was a quiet day in Kiev as Russians run out of fuel for their tanks. Reports of hungry Russian soldiers robbing to eat. Aside from being a humanitarian crisis unfolding with sieged cities Ukrainians and Russians both hungry is truly a tragedy of this war.

In the meantime it also highlights that the Russians didn’t expect this to have taken this long, moral on the Ukrainian side is high and more citizens join the defence ranks.

On the other hand there are pictures of the dead. On both sides. The futility of war and heartbreak for the families. Russians are not collecting their dead and not reporting on them either.

Pressure keeps mounting on Germany to agree to a cutoff from SWIFT for Russia.

As darkness falls the curfew in place means fighting on the streets is expected to continue as Russians try to win some ground.

There are also reports that Russians have run out of missiles, now that would be good news but who knows it may be misleading information.

We sleep a little easier tonight knowing Kiev’s residents have been great at self organizing, the in laws are unlikely to be in significant danger tonight but also thinking about those people at the 22 hour long queue still present at all checkpoints.



Aimee Fenech

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