Too stunned for words — another day of war in Ukraine

Aimee Fenech
2 min readFeb 28, 2022

I didn’t write yesterday because by the end of the day I was too stunned for words.

Here’s a short summary of yesterday.

I woke up with a stomach turning in anxiety again. My in laws have been staying with their daughter in what they thought a safe place.

I was also frenetically preparing for an important meeting at the local association I volunteer at whilst Anton was going over the news that happened overnight. Concentrating on anything feels laborious as incredibly difficult and exhausting.

An oil refinery nearby to where they are staying was blow up throwing up toxic smoke in the air, they are hoping the wind doesn’t change in their direction as they will have then to leave immediately. This in full knowledge that people are impacted and have no choice but to try and make it to the border.

France has taken a Russian ship in the English channel and is holding it for investigations.

Finally Germany has agreed with everyone else to remove some Russian banks from the swift system. A step in the right direction but they are still funding the war by continuing to buy Russian oil and gas.

Russia has made a direct nuclear threat. This is no empty threat.



Aimee Fenech

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