Women as “seen” by AI

Aimee Fenech
4 min readFeb 21

AI has been causing a stir now that it has broken into the mainstream but how are women and their issues represented in tools such as Chat GPT, and text to image tools creeping into our day to day creative lives…

Q: what do you make of women in this century?

…women in this century have made significant advancements in various fields and have made great strides in breaking down gender barriers and achieving gender equality. They continue to play important roles in society and are making their mark in politics, business, and culture.

AI Generated Image to the prompt “Women in this century”

Apparently the text to image images women in this century barefoot holding some kind of fan(?) and overlooking a landscape at leisure… I wonder how many of us get to do that everyday haha

Q: We seem still far away from gender equality though right?

Yes, despite progress, gender equality remains a work in progress and there are still significant disparities and inequalities between men and women in various areas such as pay, representation in leadership positions, and experiences of discrimination and violence. Addressing these ongoing challenges and achieving true gender equality requires continued effort and advocacy from all members of society.

Q: What about the gender pay gap?

The gender pay gap refers to the difference in average earnings between men and women, with women often earning less than men for doing the same job. This issue is a persistent problem globally, and while progress has been made in some countries, the pay gap still exists in many industries and regions. Factors contributing to the pay gap include discrimination, unequal access to education and job opportunities, and differences in negotiating power. Addressing the gender pay gap requires a multi-faceted approach, including legislation to promote equal pay, better access to education and training, and a cultural shift towards valuing women’s work and contributions equally to men’s.

AI Generated image with the prompt “Gender pay gap struggle for inequality”

The above is equally bizarre, a woman needs seemingly a third leg to achieve closure of the gender pay gap perhaps not an outright absurdity considering how long…

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